IT & Infrastructure

Most of our clients are operating in small to medium scale in Japan. However, many of them are representing a larger corporation who has vast global presence, especially in a significant market like Japan. As being part of the global organization, our clients often turn to us for implementing enterprise applications with the needs of meeting local requirements.

The rapid pace of evolution in Information technology should not be a stumbling block for smaller companies running a compelling business in Japan if technology can be leveraged in order to put your company in a competitive advantage. Outsourcing your IT operations to G&S Japan will not only eliminating the needs of running various IT operations and reducing overall operating cost, but also leveraging the best resources G&S Japan can offer in order to put your company ahead of the technology edge.

Whether your need is to implement a single project, or require an on-going IT supports, G&S Japan has a solution to meet your specific needs. This is one of the commitments made by G&S Japan that our clients can stay focused on their core business, while we stay focused for providing its needs.

In G&S Japan, we believe that building a great system is only a start, maintaining continuous internal controls and ongoing change management are the keys to move your business to next level.