G&S Japan provides a complete health care service to our clients. It is designed to cater for individual’s need that is ranging from corporate health care programme to private VIP service. These services are provided through our partner, Tokyo International Clinic, which is not only having the best medical specialists in the industry, but also having years of experience serving international communities with multilingual staffs.


About Dr. Thomas Nagano

Ausgebildet in Japan und Deutschland, verfügt Dr. Thomas Nagano über die japanische und die EU Approbation. Dr. Nagano besitzt mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung in der interventionellen Kardiologie und steht seit 1999 der Tokyo International Clinic als Medizinischer Direktor vor. Neben dieser Hauptaufgabe ist er gegenwärtig als Firmenarzt und medizinischer Berater von mehreren weltmarktführenden Unternehmen mit der medizinischen Beratung und Betreuung ihrer Angestellten und insbesondere ihrer Vorstandsmitglieder und Eigentümer betraut.

Educated in Japan and Germany, Dr. Thomas Nagano is holding the EU and Japanese Medical License. He possesses more than 15 years of experience in practicing interventional cardiology at Toho University. Since 1999 he is heading Tokyo International Clinic as Medical Director. Beyond his clinical work, he is serving a number of international companies as company doctor and medical advisor, providing medical care and health support to their employees as well as their board members.

永野登益医師はEU及び日本の医師免許を持ち、15年以上に渡り東邦大学大森病院の循環器内科で患者様の治療にあたり、1999年より東京インター ナショナルクリニックの院長として、世界企業の産業医及びメディアルアドバイザーとして社員の皆様や役員の方々の健康管理、治療にあたっております。

Being both physical and mental readiness is essential for our potential candidates to take on a leading role in our client companies. To minimize business and operational disruption due to the health issues of incoming executives, our health check service is designed to give sufficient assurance to our client companies for a prospective candidate. This service is in compliance with local regulations whereby full consent is obtained by the candidate with support of legal documentation before health check is taken.

Our VIP services offer three levels of memberships catering for each individual’s need. These tailor made services offered to our VIP clients typically include 24hrs on-site consultation and diagnosis as well as oversea treatment for advanced medical facilities and complete privacy when required.

Company Doctor means Japan Occupational Health Physician (産業医: Sangyoui). Company Doctor works to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety at work can be achieved and maintained. While it may involve a wide number of disciplines, it centers on the preventive medicine and management of illness, injury or disability that is related to the workplace. Company Doctor helps companies in fulfilling health, security and safety obligations as related to their employee, and gives recommendation plan on improving employees’ health.

Why do we need a company doctor?
In Japan, article 13 of Industrial Safety and Health Hygiene Law suggests that a company with more than 50 employees must have at least one company doctor who would advice on company health management and also on health issues as related to employee. However, for companies with less than 50 employees, we recommend that it is both beneficial and cost effective to contract out this service to promote health and safety at work and to take on a preventive measure for being a social responsible company.
 Official Description of Sangyoui 産業医


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