Coaching & Training

Our experienced leadership and sales trainers can support change processes in your corporation. Whether you are looking to develop your sales team in Japan, to provide leadership coaching in Korea or to enhance another area within your Asian operation, we can assist you.

Other common situations would be to prepare a management team member for an assignment in Asia-Pacific or to provide a personal coach to a HQ-based manager with Asia wide responsibilities. Whatever your needs are, tailored solutions developed by us will ensure desired results.

In Japan, our partner, Robert Burnside of Power Talk, who has solid track records on providing executive and leadership coaching for major corporations. This service will help you to develop presence, self-awareness and other leadership qualities, to influence, to maximize your talents.


We train coaches in Japan, Germany, and New Zealand, to highest ICF (International Coach Federation) standards and beyond, focused on bringing measurable value to clients and their businesses.

Chisato Straumann Morohashi is a certified professional coach and an accomplished independent intercultural educator, trainer and consultant. She provides customized training and coaching in intercultural communication, Multicultural Team-building and Relocation training in which she brings over 30 years of international experience including living, studying and working in such places as Japan, the United States, Germany, and Switzerland.

Ms. Straumann Morohashi has managed a diverse staff and worked with mid to upper levelmanagers from many different cultural backgrounds in various settings and taught Intercultural Management at universities in Switzerland and Germany.

She is fluent in Japanese and English, proficient in Swiss German and High German, has a basic understanding of French.

M.A. in Linguistics, Ohio University, Ohio, U.S.A.
Intercultural Trainer Certificate, Intercultural Communication Institute, Oregon, U.S.A.
ICF certified professional coach (Certificate No. 62145 ECTP)