Welcome to G&S Asia for executive search, corporate consulting and other valued added services.


G&S Asia – your reliable partner for Executive Search, Corporate Consulting and other valued added services serving predominantly European, namely – German, Swiss and Austrian SMEs in Asia.

In our executive search service in Japan and throughout Asia, we believed that a search should be conducted only by consultants who have in depth knowledge and experience about the industry for which they provide advice on, the issues facing the position, the candidates capable of effectively operating in the role and, as important, within the culture of the client’s organization. This proven methodology has enabled our consultants to find talented executives who are the best matches to their new appointment.

G&S stands for “Guidance and Support”. Our Team specializes in the area of Executive Search, Corporate Consulting and other value added services throughout Japan, South Korea, Greater China and South East Asia. Our executive search service is not only about guiding our candidates to a career path which would best use of their talents and also matching the vision of their prospective position, but also the value added service support provided by service360 would enable them to focus on making success on their core business, while we provide the operational supports to the needs.

G&S Asia Group covers a wide range of industries and technology sectors such as but not limited to automotive, machinery, electronic components, medical devices and factory automation. In our renewable energy consultancy, together with our partner, Annette Bossler, of Main(e) International Consulting, we can also provide support to companies in this sector for executive search and market reports.